Cornett steps up to principal position at Flat Lick Elementary

Photo of Jason Cornett

A long time Flat Lick Elementary teacher has been called to the principal’s office.

Photo of Jason CornettJason Cornett, a teacher at the school for the past eleven years, was selected as the school’s next principal following the move of Steve Partin to the assistant principal position at Knox Central.

His entire education career has been in the Knox County Public Schools.  He taught at Artemus Elementary for nine years until its closure, then moved to Flat Lick Elementary.  At Flat Lick, he has served on the SBDM council, been actively involved in the development of curriculum since the release of the Common Core, and the analysis of state and local assessments including iReady and MAP.  He has been a leader rising at the school, as he has performed duties such as policy writing and creating master schedules.  He will be leaving the intermediate grades classroom where he taught math.

Cornett reflects on the many improvements he has seen at the school in the past few years.  It is something that he plans to work hard on continuing.

“Mr. Partin laid the groundwork for our recent success. We have an amazing staff and great students at Flat Lick and I will support them in any way possible as we continue to improve,” he stated.

The community is an important part of Flat Lick School.  Once absent, the presence of grandparents and former students can now be seen volunteering or cheering on the Wildcats.

“I’ve been at Flat Lick for so many years, I feel as though I already have a good rapport with the community and parents. We will continue to stay in close contact with families. Most importantly, we will keep teaching and loving their kids and expecting their best.”

What is the one thing he asks of the community?

“We need you. Even just the simple act of speaking positively about our school can go a long way. Cooperation from the parents and community members is essential and we will continue to build those relationships.”

By continuing to build those relationships, Cornett hopes that it expands into more opportunities for the students.

“It would be great to use alumni to give career talks so that our students can see that they too can be successful. Our classrooms could also always benefit from outside folks promoting literacy by reading with students. We have even had alumni make very helpful charitable donations, and those are always welcome.”

With students having the option to return to in-person learning on September 28, it is a day that Cornett is looking forward to.

“I just want the students to know that we are working hard to teach them virtually and we can’t wait to see them in person soon.

“The safety and well-being of our students and staff will come first and we will do our best to educate their kids, no matter what.”

Cornett gives thanks to his wife Heather and two daughters, Abigail and Shelby, for always supporting him.  As for the success at school and the selection of him as the next principal, “the staff at Flat Lick deserves a shout out for all they do and the support they have shown through this process of transitioning from teacher to principal.”