Board Member Appreciation: Kevin Hinkle, Vice Chairman

Mr. Kevin Hinkle shown presenting a plaque to a student during a Board meeting.

During the month of January, school systems across the Commonwealth and nation shine the spotlight on their board members.  Knox County Public Schools is joining in the celebration by profiling each member.

Knox County’s board members are among more than 850 elected representatives in the Commonwealth’s 171 local school districts being recognized this month for their service.

Kevin Hinkle, Vice Chairman of the Board

Kevin Hinkle shown at the BoardKevin Hinkle is a small business owner, providing the region with insurance through his Barbourville office.   He and his brother, Gordon (Gordy), have both been generous supporters of Knox County academics and athletics and can often be found in the bleachers cheering students on.

“Mr. Hinkle is a team player, both on our Board and in our schools,” said Superintendent Jeremy Ledford.  “Being an avid sports fan, he wants our student-athletes to have the best facilities possible to practice and play in.  Academically, the same can be said.  He wants every student to have opportunities that prepare them for the future.”

What is Mr. Hinkle looking forward to most in the future of KCPS?

“Well the new CTC is definitely a positive change in our district, but the one thing that I have noticed is how excited people are about the new leadership’s direction for the district.”

With the vision of being a top 10% performing district, and upgraded facilities, he feels like the time now for Knox County to shine.  “Lets all come together and work hard to achieve this goal and in the end, we can all stand up and be proud to say that I am from KNOX COUNTY.”

Thank you, Mr. Kevin Hinkle, for your continuous support of our students and staff.

Mr. Kevin Hinkle shown presenting a plaque to a student during a Board meeting.