Board Member Appreciation: Jim Miles

Jim Miles shown during a board meeting

During the month of January, school systems across the Commonwealth and nation shine the spotlight on their board members.  Knox County Public Schools is joining in the celebration by profiling each member.

Knox County’s board members are among more than 850 elected representatives in the Commonwealth’s 171 local school districts being recognized this month for their service.

Jim Miles

Jim Miles sworn in as board memberJim Miles is no stranger to the district that he serves.  As a business owner and currently pawn broker, Miles brings his knowledge of operating a business to the Board table.

Miles has been a long-time supporter of academics and extracurricular activities in the Knox County Public Schools through the businesses he owns and by being a father of a KC alum.

“Mr. Miles is not afraid to ask the simple questions of why and how when discussing projects and initiatives in the school district,” said Superintendent Jeremy Ledford.  “From looking to ways to save money from solar energy to ensuring timed lights work correctly, he wants to see the district be wise stewards of funding so that students and teachers will have the resources they need in the classroom.”

What is Mr. Miles most excited about in the Knox County Public Schools?

“KCPS taking control of the CTC and building addition, as well as remodeling and updating existing the CTC,” said Miles.  He feels that the changes taking place at Knox County Career and Technical Center will provide more students with valuable skills and jobs in demand in the work force.  As he says,”it’s about providing additional learning opportunities for students.”

Miles has words of wisdom to share with students and staff alike.  “Always strive to do better and be proud of one’s accomplishments. Take advantage of current opportunities available.”

Thank you, Mr. Miles, for your service to the students and families of the Knox County Public Schools.