Board Member Appreciation: Carrie Runyon Smith

Carrie Runyon Smith

During the month of January, school systems across the Commonwealth and nation shine the spotlight on their board members.  Knox County Public Schools is joining in the celebration by profiling each member.

Knox County’s board members are among more than 850 elected representatives in the Commonwealth’s 171 local school districts being recognized this month for their service.

Carrie Runyon Smith

Carrie Runyon SmithCarrie Runyon Smith knows the importance of the current initiatives of the Knox County Public Schools.  As a certified medical assistant and phlebotomist, she understands the need for students to be ready for careers in healthcare and other high-demand job areas.

With her own career in the healthcare industry, she is excited about the expansion of Knox County Career and Technical Center to include modern healthcare labs for students to gain hands on experience as well as the addition of biomedical science courses to the school.

“Mrs. Runyon-Smith is an asset to our board as we aim towards being a top 10% performing school district.  She understands that it will be hard work on everyone so she serves as that cheerleader to push us forward,” said Superintendent Jeremy Ledford.  “From my first interview to my first day on the job, she knows what the future can hold for our students and community.”

What is she most excited about right now in the Knox County Public Schools?

“Our renovations and expansion of Knox County Career and Technical Center.  It’s a good thing that we can now have ownership and support them.  Our students who are preparing for their future careers need the best preparation we can provide before they graduate,” she said.

“I want all of our students to know the importance and seriousness of their education.  Give your 110% best and you will have great success in school and life.”

Thank you for your service to the students and families of the Knox County Public Schools.

Carrie Runyon Smith shown presenting a flag to a kindergarten student