Award ceremony held for Knox County Art Show

Visitors view entries during a reception held for the Knox County Art Show.

Knox County’s creativity was on visual display during the annual Art Show held Thursday, March 22, at First United Methodist Church in Barbourville.  Winning entries from all of Knox County’s P-12 schools were featured during the program, with best of show winners set to be displayed in  Commercial Bank’s main lobby next week.

“We have some fabulous entries, as you will see by the number of honorable mentions awarded,” said Rita Wood, chair of the Art Show and family resource center coordinator at Girdler Elementary.

“We had over 155 entries which were judged this year,” shared Wood.

Knox County Art Show sponsors include GFWC KY Barbourville Junior Woman’s Study Club, GFWC KY Barbourville Woman’s Study Club, First United Methodist Church, and Commercial Bank.



HM    —

3rd      Kaylee Jones – Lynn Camp

2nd      Karsyn Elam – Flat Lick

1st       Lauren Carnes – Lynn Camp


HM    Noah Edwards – Lynn Camp, Braylen Frederick – Lay, Sofia Mills – Central,

William Mills – Girdler, Titus Abner – Lay, Jasie Bargo – Central

3rd      Danielle Burton – Barbourville

2nd      Sarah Wilder– Central

1st       Devin Ellison – Barbourville

First Grade:

HM    Ann Tyler Phipps – Lay, Sophie Perry – Barbourville

3rd      Harley Hammons – GR Hampton

2nd      Dani Butler– Central

1st       Mason Elam – Flat Lick

Second Grade:

HM    Trevor Smith – Lay, Lauren Messer – Barbourville, Zoey Childress – Lay

3rd      Noah King – Barbourville

2nd      Sadie Hoffman – Barbourville

1st       Mia McWilliams – GR Hampton

Third Grade:

HM    Aiden Sharp – Flat Lick, Samuel Moore– Barbourville, Cadee Murphy – Flat


3rd      Peyton Marsee – Flat Lick

2nd      Ryan Vaughn – Lay

1st       Eden Hendricks – Barbourville

Fourth Grade:

HM    Katie Mills and Kiley Skiles– Lynn Camp, Jay Evan Mills – Lay, Trace

Jordan – Dewitt, Makayla Taylor – Barbourville

3rd      Tyra Lawson – Girdler

2nd      Bella Smallwood  – Barbourville

1st       Reagan Lawson – Barbourville

Fifth Grade:

HM     Cambree Prewitt and Emma Broughton – Lynn Camp, Corbin Gray – Central

3rd       Allie Ward – Lay

2nd       Emily Bingham – Barbourville

1st        Chloe Lefevers – Barbourville

Sixth Grade:

HM     Madison Emery – Lynn Camp, Maliyah Hobbs – Dewitt, Savannah Hoffman and

Jack Jordan – Barbourville, Selma Grahic – Lay

3rd       Chad Martin – Lay

2nd       Jonathan Mills – Central

1st        Taylor Moren – Barbourville

Seventh Grade:

HM     Joshua Gray and Adrianna Hamilton – Lynn Camp

3rd       Shanna Lewis – Lynn Camp

2nd       Arabella Pennington – Lynn Camp

1st        Jadyn Belile – Knox County Middle School

Eighth Grade:

HM     Tristan Hensley and Richie Ohmer and Jayda Benge  – Knox County Middle School

3rd       Autumn Profitt – Lynn Camp Middle School

2nd       Bobbie Ann Dunn – Knox County Middle School

1st        Emijah Jones – Knox County Middle School

High School:  Drawing

HM     Shelby Arnold – Lynn Camp, Nathaniel McDole – Knox Appalachian, Bailey Lundy – Barbourville, Kristy Weddle – Lynn Camp

3rd       Cameron Hendrix – Lynn Camp

2nd       Melora Carnes – Lynn Camp

1st        Marlee Kate Miller – Barbourville High School

High School: Painting

3rd       Lucy Robinson –  Barbourville High School

2nd       Aliyhiah Lane– Barbourville High School

1st        Sarah Pedersen – Corbin High School

High School: Mixed Media                                                  Photography:

2nd       Sarah Pedersen – Corbin High School                               2nd       Wendy Smith – B’ville

1st        Charity Williams – Knox Appalachian School 1st        Quinn Crisco – B’ville


Chloe Lefevers (Barbourville Elementary) – PS THRU SIXTH

Marlee Kate Miller (Barbourville High School) – MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL


Photos courtesy of Tasha Stewart for Mountain Advocate Media and