A discussion leads Knox Central students to register to vote in November election

Hana Messer and Zach Broughton shown registering to vote.

“This was something that was unplanned and I’m not even sure how it came up,” said teacher Peggy Johnson about her i-Lead class at Knox Central.

“The students weren’t aware that there was still time to register and that it could be done online.”

The simple discussion among the students led Johnson to sanitize her teacher workstation and providing the students access to register on the govoteky.com website.  With masks and gloves on, Hana Messer and Zach Broughton each signed up to do their civic duty for this year’s presidential election.

“Being able to vote is a privilege that you get when you become 18,” said Broughton.

“It makes me feel like I am doing something good for my country and for the people around me. I know one vote doesn’t mean much but it can change a lot in the world.”

With the new voter registration deadline set for October 5, both Broughton and Messer were glad that they got to register.

“Registering to vote was something that I was looking forward to doing. It means that my vote might change something,” said Messer.

“I’m very grateful that I had a great teacher to walk me through the whole way.”

What started in one iLead class at Knox Central quickly spread throughout the school with Principal Jeff Frost asking all senior iLead teachers to offer the ability to sign up to their 18 year old students.