The Opportunity Myth

Shown are three teachers participating in a carousel activity as they visited each key resource and defined characteristics of it on a poster.

When students were asked what are the four areas that school is letting them down, teachers at Lynn Camp Middle/High were quick to listen and learn about resources that will help.

“The Opportunity Myth” was presented to teachers during professional learning communities (PLCs) at the school on Thursday.  The Opportunity Myth takes the four areas and provides key resources that teachers can use to fix the problem.   The areas?  Grade appropriate assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement, and teachers who hold high expectations.

Teachers participated in a carousel activity as they visited each key resource and defined characteristics of great teaching. Teachers then took time to self-reflect and picked one key resource that they wish to become stronger in. They developed three ideas to become stronger in that area.

This information will be reviewed again in PLCs throughout the school year and professional learning opportunities will be planned for the 2019-2020 school year to help teachers grow in their selected area.