Shepherd is a sharp shooter for Lynn Camp archery

Julia shown receiving $1,000 scholarship

Eight years into the sport, you can say that Lynn Camp’s Julia Shepherd is one sharp shooter.

In this year’s National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournament, Shepherd earned the following standings:

High School Girls Rank: 9 out of 2794
12th Grade Girls Rank: 5 out of 550
Overall Girls Rank: 10 out of 7307

Her tournament success was also recognized in March.  She received a $1,000 scholarship for her outstanding performance at the NASP State Archery Tournament held in Louisville in March.  On Wednesday, May 12, her overall performance in archery and academics was recognized as an archer on the NASP Academic All-American team based on local criteria for academic recognition and her performance at the 2021 National tournament.

Coach Jonathan Stephens at Lynn Camp is proud of her performance.  In the following reflection, he reflects on her extracurricular and academic talent:

Julia Shepherd has participated in archery for several years, eight to be exact. Since coming to Lynn Camp Schools from Corbin several years ago, Julia Shepherd has been a leader. She leads with her scores for the Lynn Camp Archery Team, but she also leads in other athletics, clubs, and the classroom. Additionally, she is very kind and helpful to other students and teachers. When it comes to giving 110%, Julia can be counted on for that and more.

Upon coming to Lynn Camp, she was all of these things, but the past two years have seen her reach new heights and mastery of her skills.

Coaches Jonathan Stephens and Hagan Burns are very proud and appreciative of her hard work, effort, and dedication to the program. “Moving forward, she will undoubtedly do great things at the University of the Cumberlands, both in her courses and with their archery program,” said Stephens.  She signed with the University of the Cumberlands in late April.

“Julia will leave a legacy of success and positivity upon her graduation from Lynn Camp this month.”