Repeat champions: Lynn Camp BETA wins multiple state awards

Lynn Camp Beta Club Winners

On January 13th, 38 members of the Lynn Camp Beta Club traveled to Louisville to compete at the Beta Club State Convention. Members competed in a variety of competitions including Spanish, Language Arts, Creative Writing, Painting, Mixed Media, Show Choir, Character Skit, and many others.

During the awards on Tuesday, it was revealed that the Lynn Camp Beta Club Character Skit team had captured its 5th consecutive state title. The team wrote and performed a skit titled, “The Beta Community Outreach Awards.” Members of the team include Dalton Cook, Lori Mullins, Masyn Mitchell, Aaliyah Flannelly, Bobby Sinclair, Saxon Crawford, and Shanise Brown.

Shelby Arnold placed 5th in Mixed Media Division 1. For this competition, students are required to create a piece of artwork using three or more mediums.

The Beta Club is more than just competition.  The nationally known student organization teaches students the importance of service, character, leadership, and achievement.  Beta members frequently participate in community service projects and organize school events that demonstrate service and leadership.

All of these students received an invite to compete at the National Beta Convention in Oklahoma City this summer.

The Lynn Camp Beta Club is comprised of 68 members who have at least 3.0 A and who complete at least 10 hours of community service each year. The club is sponsored by Brooke Williamson, Heidi Suttle, Corri Taylor, and Tori Richardson.