Playwright and retired Knox teacher visits Lynn Camp

Shown is the cast of Unstoppable with playwright Catherine Rhoden-Goguen

Retired Knox County teacher and current playwright Catherine Rhoden-Goguen, visited the classroom of one of her former drama student Corri Taylor to share her newest play, “Unstoppable by Design” with Taylor’s students.

Rhoden-Goguen contacted Taylor about putting together a cast of both students and teachers for her newest play.

“Unstoppable by Design” highlights the life of Matt Rifenburg, who had to overcome several obstacles in order to achieve success, something Taylor’s students said they related to. They not only met with Rhoden-Goguen, but also Matt Rifenburg.

During the visit students got to know Rifenburg and his story, the inspiration behind the play, and read through several scenes.

These students and teachers from Lynn Camp will be performing “Unstoppable by Design” on May 10th at Union College.

Group Picture:

Back: Saxon Crawford, Bobby Sinclair, Matt Rifenburg, Dalton Cook

Middle: Lori Mullins, Brianna Agosto-Santiago, Masyn Mitchell, Corri Taylor

Front: Catherine Rhoden-Goguen