LINKing Together for Literacy

We have been very fortunate to work with KEDC and the LINK grant over the last 2 ½ years. Our goal was to foster a love of literacy in our students across curriculum. The LINK Literacy action team meets monthly to discuss literacy strategies across curriculum, events that include community involvement and school needs. Over the course of the life of this grant we have been able to increase our technology including new chrome boxes in the library and a new Chromebox lab. Now every grade level has a Chromebox or iPad lab to share. We have also been able to get Aver flat panels for classrooms. We have had multiple community events with our most recent being Books are Treats, where students were given books, treats, and met several community members. Students also dressed as their favorite book character as well as decorated a pumpkin as their favorite book character. Through this grant we have been able to give requested class-room sets of books to our teachers.