One Day, One Book, “All of the Above” at Knox Middle

A close up of students reading the book "All of the Above".

Students at KCMS had a great time reading an entire book “All of the Above” by Shelley Pearsall in one day.

Students learned about 7th grade math students featured in the book, their math teacher, Mr. Collins, and tetrahedrons. Most importantly, they learned about overcoming odds, and believing in yourself even if it feels like no one else does.

Guest speakers are shown sitting inside KCMS gym reading from "All of the Above" by Shelley Pearsall.

Several guest speakers from inside and outside the school were guest speakers to kick off the day.   The school would like to thank our readers who gave  students more information about the characters in the book:

Mrs. Shepherd as Narrator

Mr. Sprinkles, our Superintendent, as James Harris III

Mrs. Sarah Mills from Barbourville Family Health as Rhondell

Mrs. Terrell as Sharice

Mr. Joe Hopper from Knox Funeral Home as Marcel

Mr. Tyler Dunn from Apex Physical Therapy as Mr. Collins

“It was a great success! I loved seeing students, teachers and support staff all engaged in a wonderful book.  I think activities like One Book One Day help students develop a lifelong love of reading and that should be one of our goals as educators,” said Shelia Terrell, Assistant Principal at Knox County Middle School.

Faculty are shown reading the book to students.

Over 500 books were purchased for the entire student body, staff, and guest readers by a LINK grant through KEDC.