History comes alive with song writing at Knox Middle

Students gather around a microphone to share lyrics with classmates to their peers.

Knox County Middle School has turned learning history into music for their 8th grade social studies class.

Taylor Dye, a singer, songwriter, and musician worked with the students during the week of October 14 to turn their current instructional unit into modern songs about the time period.   Knox County Middle school students explained in an interview that the songs came together after learning about the time period, learning the rhythm to songs, and deciding on what words best describe the emotions people were feeling.


Dye has been playing music and singing for 17 years and dancing for 12. She holds a degree in Vocal Performance from Georgetown College. Her teaching experience includes work as the Music and Art Coordinator for Owsley County Schools’ summer programs, substitute teaching and giving music and clogging lessons.  Her visit to Knox County Middle was made possible by Berea College’s Partners for Education through the Promise Neighborhood grant. 

Students had the opportunity to share the lyrics of their songs with classmates on Friday, October 18.  Video below shows those performances.   Photos are also available in the kcps.photos gallery.  Learn more about Taylor Dye on her website http://www.tayloraustindye.com