Top 25 pay tribute to those who inspired them the most

As the Knox Central graduating class of 2017 begin to say their goodbyes, Tuesday night was a time for them to pay tribute to those who have left a long lasting impact on their lives.

The top 25 students of the graduating class presented Green Leaf awards to those teachers, mentors, and friends who provided the encouragement and inspiration for them to keep going after their dreams and achievements.  The award states “you have planted the seed of education in the mind of a young person and the world will benefit forever.”

The award is sponsored by the Knox Central Youth Service Center and Knox County Board of Education.

Presenting and receiving Green Leaf awards this year were:

Skylar Baker KC JROTC Program
Carrie Bargo Travis Mills
Kammey Bargo Garrett Bargo
Hallea Barnhill Tonya Allen
Toni Bingham Lori Miracle
Cherokee Bowling Alex Wood
Zachary Deaton Dr. William Ashburn
James Dunn Darren Mills
Kirstin Edwards Lynn Edwards
John Garrison Travis Mills
Cherish Gray James Miller
Joshua Gray Shelia Baker
Danielle Grubb Denise Grubb
Sydni Hammontree Tonya Allen
Mackenzie Hensley Angela Mills
Courtney King Fatemia Fuson
Brandi Mills Virgena Rhodes
Addison Osborne Tonya Allen
Dale Owens Dewayne Henson
Amber Philpot Kimberly  Davis
Cullen Reeves Travis Mills
Morgan Smith Jennifer Brock
Jaxon Stewart Jeff Stewart
Jade Trosper Victoria Pope
Tanner Wells Amy Collins

Photos from the Green Leaf Ceremony are available in the KCPS Photo Gallery

Posted on May 10, 2017