Summer professional learning focused on student leaders

The end of summer brings with it professional learning and training opportunities for faculty and staff before the new school year begins.  For some Knox Central High School students, they experienced professional learning before the first day of school as well.

Link Crew Leadership Members, junior and senior students who have demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence, attended two days of training on July 25-26.

Kim Messer and Terri Casey, teachers at the school and Link Crew sponsors, conducted the two days of preparation, practice, and fun for the students.  The goal was to prepare them for the freshman orientation prior to school that they would be charged with leading.

The Link Crew members will develop friendships with the freshman students, becoming a peer mentor and source of advice as they navigate their first year of high school.

In addition to learning, planning, and building their own team relationship, the students were provided lunch by Knox County’s Promise Neighborhood grant.