Presenter educates parents, staff on social media

We teach children skills and safety before allowing them to sit behind the wheel of an automobile, but can we say the same before allowing them behind a screen name on social media?

The proper use of social media was topic of discussion at Knox Central on Monday night, November 21, as presenter Scott Harvey engaged parents, staff, and community members on the future of online networking.


Harvey shared that social media is not going away, but as parents and guardians we must be equipped to teach our children personal responsibility and net-etiquette.  His presentation was funded by grant funds from Berea College’s Partners for Education program.

To assist families with social media and Internet safety, the Knox County Public Schools partners with the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) that provides many resources on the topic.  These are among the top resources from KCSS:

Social Networking Resources for Students

Teens – There’s a lot to deal with on the Internet—cyberbullies, privacy settings, gossip, … These resources can help teens navigate the Internet while guarding their reputation.  (
Kids … Online Actions Have Consequences – The words kids write and the images they post have consequences offline. Kids should post only what they’re comfortable with others seeing. …  (

Social Networking Resources for Parents

Social Networking Tips for Parents – Parent advice and tips on social networking tips – Common Sense Media helps parents choose what’s best for their kids. (

Social Networking Safety – National Crime Prevention Council – Tips for Parents. … This site includes simple steps to help increase teens social networking safety.