Lt. Governor Hampton Visits Knox Central High School

Lt. Governor shown speaking at Knox Central

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Janean Hampton visited Clay County High School and Knox Central High School on Friday to promote the Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge (LGEC). LGEC is a pitch competition for all Kentucky high school students in grades 9-12. The grand prize for the winning team is a scholarship that can be used at any Kentucky-based postsecondary institution.

Lt. Governor shown speaking at Knox Central

Competing students will form two-to-four-member teams and submit a business plan and marketing video that will be scored against others in their region. Finalist from each region will then give a pitch for their business idea to a panel of judges. The combined score of their business plan, video and pitch will determine the winner.

Each student team must have an adult sponsor. Travis Mills, a teacher at Knox Central High School, will serve as team sponsor. “Basically, I’m going to be an advisor and support for the team,” said Mills. “No matter what they do, when given the opportunity these students are very passionate and dedicated to their work. I don’t expect that to be any different for this competition.”

Students that wish to participate must register by December 3rd and submit their business plans and marketing videos by February 20th. For more information on LGEC, visit