Knox Central Cheer has talent, awards, and heart for serving their community

Knox Central Cheerleaders show off trophy earned at the KHSAA cheer competition.

The Knox Central Cheerleaders have accomplished a lot this season, both in public view and behind the scenes.  In our last edition of EDUCATION news, we shared with you information about the can food drive that the group conducted at Thanksgiving.  The drive was just days before the group would travel to the KHSAA State Cheerleading Competition and showcase their skills and talents among schools of all sizes.

Knox Central Cheerleaders pose for a photograph

This year has posed many challenges for KCHS Cheer, but the members have moved forward with one goal: making KCHS Cheer better than ever before.  The team has overcome injuries, put in tireless hours of practice and shown true dedication to each other and their coaches.

With basketball season just beginning, KCHS Cheer already has accumulated a list of awards including the overall UCA Camp Champion, earned 1st in the KHSAA Competitive Cheer for the 13/14 Region, placed 7th in the KHSAA State Competition and 3rd in the WYMT Mountain Classic Tournament.  The team will tell you that working hard, being community minded and supporting KC Panthers are their priorities.  “We have truly loved our year so far and look forward to the Basketball season and the opportunities it will bring to KCHS,” said coach Joy McKeehan.

“These girls have been a delight to coach and work with this season. They have shown true dedication and determination to help our team to improve and succeed. Each girl brings unique qualities to the team and is important to every aspect of the team’s success.  We are more than a team, we are family.  When we work together we will succeed together.” – Coach Joy McKeehan

Knox Central Cheerleaders show off trophy earned at the KHSAA cheer competition.

“This cheer season has meant more than anything to me. The dedication and determination that I have witnessed from every one of my teammates is truly something special. I consider this team my family, and more often than not we are with each other more than we are with our actual families. I love my cheer sisters more than life and I could not imagine spending my senior year with any other group.” – Hannah Daniels, Senior Member 


Knox Central Cheerleaders pose at the KHSAA cheer competition.

“This has been my favorite year of High School Cheerleading.  We have a team that has worked  together to make for a successful KCHS cheer season.  Our team has worked on encouraging and supporting one another, as well as growing our faith in the Lord.”  – Tyra Terrell, Senior Member 


Knox Central Cheerleaders are shown collecting food during their Thanksgiving food drive.

“I’ve learned what it’s like to be a part of a team where everyone works hard and makes the team goals a priority. We have worked with a diverse and highly skilled coaching staff, and through these contacts I’ve even had an opportunity to explore Co-Ed skills I would use at the college level.  It’s great to be a part of a team where I’m both supported and challenged toward my future cheer interests.” – Blake Carroll, Senior Member