In the Spotlight: Future stars of KC Media







Media Club students from Knox Central High School enjoyed a Meal at the Union College Cafeteria while Dr. Christine Marley presented slides of Union College graduates working in various media fields. Dr. Marley presents income information for the past ten years showing the salaries, ranging from $40,000 up to $150,000+ as well as the various types of work the Union Graduates obtained. After the meal and presentation, Dr. Marley divided the Media Club into smaller groups, then the students were given the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations of Adobe software used for movie production and marketing. The groups also enjoyed a visit to the TV Production Studio and saw how live streaming is used in sports broadcasts at the school. Students said that they really enjoyed the hands-on approach of the presenters. The field trip, funded by Berea College’s Promise Neighborhood grant, gave students a glimpse of what is actually involved working in the media production field.