Gearing Up for College

Over one hundred students took part in the first annual College Signing Day at Knox Central on Tuesday, April 11, an event that school officials hope will encourage younger students to be thinking about their future commitments.

Hasan Davis, guest speaker sponsored by Berea College, explained to students that they decide their future education and career path.  Davis himself comes from a non-traditional background and explained to students that no matter their life circumstances, they can make the decision to pursue college, technical school, or the workforce after graduation.

The highlight of the day was seniors signing their commitment to a college that they received acceptance from.  The signatures were compiled on a banner and will be displayed in the school, reminding the Class of 2018 to follow in the footsteps of recent alum.

The event was sponsored by Gear Up at the school.  Gear Up is a seven year grant funded commitment from Berea College to prepare students for college/career through academic support.

Additional photos are available in the KCPS Photo Gallery.