Accelerated Reading to begin at Knox Central

Accelerated Reader icon

Knox Central is happy to announce that they will be supporting independent reading with the Accelerated Reader Program.  The Accelerated Reader Program is designed to help students read books on his/her own level in order to improve reading skills.  It is a valuable tool, not only to improve literacy skills, but also to get students excited about books and reading; students get to choose their own independent reading materials.  The program places attention on careful reading of books, which improves students’ critical thinking skills and builds an appreciation of the written word.

Your child’s reading level will be determined by the i-Ready assessment, and he/she will be instructed on which books are appropriate for his/her level.  Research strongly indicates that reading at level creates better readers, so your child will have the opportunity to choose an AR book on his/her reading level either from the school library, the public library, or from teacher classroom libraries.  Students may also choose to purchase books, but that is not a required part of the program.  Different books are worth a different amount of points based on the grade level and rigor of the book.  Your child will be required, as a part of their English class, to obtain a certain number of points.  You will need to speak with your child’s teacher to determine the number of points required.

After reading the book, your child will take a quiz over that book, with the goal of getting an 80% or better.  If that goal is achieved, the points for that book will be awarded.

If you would like to know if a certain book is an AR book or to find a book based on criteria, please visit