Flat Lick students build bridges and connections to real life

Three boys are shown gluing craft sticks.

Enter the construction zone known as Megan Senter’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) class at Flat Lick Elementary School.   With craft sticks, tape and glue in hand, the third-grade boys class was ready to start building.

The challenge?  Using the materials supplied, build a bridge that spans two feet long.

“Students are learning engineering, problem-solving, and creative thinking as well as using their measurement skills,” said Senters as the young engineers came to her for additional materials.

The students had to work in teams to design and begin building their bridges that were placed between two tables and weight added until they broke.  The bridge that held the most weight won the challenge.

It’s every day that challenges like this are presented to students in Senter’s STEAM class that includes students from kindergarten to sixth grade.  Senters frequently refers to her classroom as one of the noisiest in the school, but no wonder, there are young minds at work.


STEAM in Action at Flat Lick Elementary 

This is the first year for the STEAM class at Flat Lick Elementary.  Through funding provided by donor Helen Mills and husband Gary, the school is able to purchase materials for the class.  Principal Steve Partin and teacher Megan Senters shared how these experiences are preparing students for middle, high school, and life.