When our signs say stop, our cameras start; a reminder about school bus safety

Knox County bus stop sign

With the return to school and a new year ahead, the Knox County Public Schools transportation department has an important message to share with the community.

Over the past year, the transportation department has been equipping all buses with camera systems that record outside movement while the bus is on.  While you need to be watching our buses as they pick up and drop off students, our buses will be watching your actions at each stop.

The number of people ignoring school bus stop signs continues to increase across the nation, and Knox County is no exception.  While the transportation department does not have an official count for past years, the new year means new measures to stop drivers from endangering students.

Any time that someone passes a bus while the stop sign is out and flashing, the transportation department will be taking the video clip to the sheriff’s department.  The penalty for passing a stopped bus is up to a $200 fine or up to 60 days in jail.

What does the data show?

In 2018, seven Kentucky school districts participated in a pilot project where a number of buses were equipped with cameras.  Each bus had at least one vehicle pass its stop sign illegally.  In the attached chart, the data from Kentucky is shown along with national data.

School Bus Safety Infographic