Vaping Information for Families

Information from KCPS

The health and safety of our students is very important to us. As you are aware, vaping has become a widespread issue with students throughout the nation. Knox County Public Schools want to educate and share information with our families about vaping.

These battery-powered devices contain nicotine and other substances in the form of an aerosol. Students may not know what illegal, and sometimes fatal, substances have been added – especially if they share among peers.

It is against school policy for anyone to use a vape on campus – especially an underage student to have one in possession. Our district, school resource officers, local and state law enforcement, and those in the court system pledge to hold students fully accountable if found in possession or use.

Please take time to talk with your child about the seriousness of the hazards that come with vaping. Please reach out to your child’s school if you need assistance or more information.