Summer learning: Governor’s Scholars find out what and where they will be studying

Emily Mills, Taylor Payne, and Alex Smith selected for Governor's Scholars program

Knox Central High School rising seniors Emily Mills, Taylor Payne, and Alex Smith will soon spend part of their summer learning on a college campus.

The three students were selected as Governor’s Scholars following a district-level application process and then competed on a state-wide level. Selection for the program is highly competitive, with an application process similar to that of prestigious colleges and universities.

In fact, the entire experience will mirror that of a college.  Host colleges prepare a variety of events, seminars, and general studies for the students. Mills, Payne, and Smith have been assigned focus areas, which include courses that allow them to pursue in-depth a particular area of study.

  • Emily Mills will be hosted at Morehead State University and have a focus area in forensic science.
  • Taylor Payne will be hosted at Centre College and have a focus area in business, accounting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Alex Smith will be hosted at Bellarmine University and have a focus area in healthcare.

About GSP

The Program originated in 1983 as a result of Kentucky leaders’ concern that the state’s “best and brightest” were leaving the Commonwealth to pursue educational and career opportunities elsewhere without fully understanding the potential of their talents at home. Students who are selected attend the Program without charge. In the spirit of partnership, the Office of the Governor, the Kentucky State Legislature, and private enterprise come together to provide the financial support for the Program.

The core curriculum for these summer sessions is threefold:

  • Focus Area: Courses that allow a student to pursue a topic in-depth as a member of a small group stressing the development of ideas in the chosen discipline, with the option of additional independent study.
  • General Studies: Classes the emphasize inquiry, service-learning, community leadership, and resolution development.
  • Seminar: Personal development seminars that stress concerns and problems faced by students, including such subjects as values clarification, career choice, and interpersonal relationships.

Faculty and staff also invite a variety of speakers and performers from a range of disciplines and pursuits to visit campus. Carefully organized field trips, special events, and a film series also contribute to the comprehensive educational atmosphere in which scholars are challenged not only to examine, but, more importantly, to nurture their sense of learning and leadership.

Information for 2022-2023 Juniors

Do you have what it takes to be a Governor’s Scholar during the summer between your junior and senior year? Before reaching the statewide competition, each student must first submit his or her application through his or her school and participate in the district-level competitions.The number of nominees each district may submit to the statewide process is based on the district-wide junior class enrollment. Look for application information on the Knox County Public Schools website and in your high school guidance office this September.