See Something, Do Something is the message of new boxes installed in schools

One of the safety boxes is displayed with the message See Something, Do Something on it.Students are seeing a new box installed in the hallway or the front office of their school after returning from winter break.

“See Something—Do Something” suggestion-style boxes were distributed to all schools as a method of collecting information from students that they normally might not share with an adult.

The box is designed to complement the existing STOP! Tipline and website for reporting activity that the student feels unsafe about or could be dangerous.

Each box has a set of notecards that the students may take and fill out with their information. Or, a student can use notebook paper, fold it up, and drop it in the box.

“This is to supplement the various tools we already have in place,” said Superintendent Jeremy Ledford.

“We encourage families to talk to their child about school safety and encourage use of the box, TIP line, or other tools.”

Additional Resources:

STOP TipLine: 866-393-6659
Safe School Reporting Tool: