Knox teams advance to state in Odyssey of the Mind

Girdler Elementary Odyssey of the Mind

Creative minds were tested on Saturday, February 25, as the 2023 Odyssey of the Mind competition gets underway.  Girdler, G.R. Hampton, and Lay elementary schools, along with Knox Central, had teams participating in the regional event held at Corbin High School.

  • Girdler Elementary placed first in Division 2, Problem 5
  • Lay Elementary placed second in Division 2, Problem 1
  • Knox Central placed third in Division 3, Problem 5

Problem 5 was titled the Most Dramatic Problem Ever.  Odyssey of the Mind shares this explanation of the problem that challenged students:

OMG! Can you believe that happened? Teams will create a humorous performance about a dramatic character that overreacts to common events. The performance will showcase different theatrical styles as the character overreacts. However, in one situation their reaction is justified, but they are ignored. The performance will also include something that grows and a costume that represents two characters.

Problem 1 was titled Pirates and the Treasure. The description of this problem is:

Ahoy OMers! In this problem, a group of pirates sail their “ship” to reclaim stolen treasure and return it to the Queen. The pirates will battle an original sea monster that guards the treasure. The performance will also include a pirate, captain, flag, and song.

Divisions are based on the grade level that students are enrolled in with one (1) being grades 3-5, division two (2) representing grades 6-8, and division three (3) for high school grades 9-12.

The teams advance to the state Odyssey of the Mind competition to be held on March 25.