Knox principals are Leaders of Learning and sharing

GR Hampton's PLC process is shown on a display with participants seated.

Each school has a system in place, an initiative that is being implemented, or other “look at this” strengths to share with others.

That was the case today at the Southeast South Central Educational Cooperative (SESC) when G.R. Hampton principal Sabrina King and curriculum coach Courtney Barnhill shared about the school’s professional learning community’s recent work with other school leaders from Knox County and the region.

The presentation was part of Elgin Children’s Foundation’s Principal Support Program which Knox County is a member of.  Elementary principals and school leaders meet regularly to network, learn, and share.

The presentation from G.R. Hampton included how the school is taking learning standards and breaking them down into understandable and manageable skills and knowledge that students are to learn.  This allows teachers to create daily learning targets that students can understand, and also ensure that they are teaching all parts of complex standards.