Family Engagement Week proclaimed in Knox County Schools

Superintendent shown signing proclamation

Knox County Superintendent Jeremy Ledford joined members of the Knox Central and Lynn Camp GEAR UP program on Monday morning to proclaim Family Engagement Week, November 14-18, 2022.

The signing took place at the Barbourville campus of Southeast Kentucky Career and Technical College.  Present were students from Lynn Camp’s JAGS (Jobs for America’s Graduates) program that were touring the school.  Also present was Darya Logan, representing the district’s Family Resource and Youth Center program directors.

“Family engagement is often the missing piece of the academic success of our students,” said Superintendent Ledford.

“This week, and every day, we invite our parents and caregivers to be an active part of their child’s education.  While we would love to have them volunteer at school and be a part of various events, taking a few minutes to ask about their child’s classes and what they learned each day can make a difference.”

GEAR UP helps provide services to families to prepare their child for life after graduation. Like the visit to the Southeast campus, GEAR UP introduces students to various career and college options throughout their time in high school.


Family Engagement Proclamation