Dewayne Smith named assistant principal at Knox County Middle

Dewayne Smith profile photograph

Dewayne Smith profile photographExciting changes are occurring at Knox County Middle School as leadership announced the selection of a new assistant principal specifically dedicated to the incoming 6th grade.

Dewayne Smith, current principal at Dewitt Elementary, will be among the new faces walking the hallways when students arrive this August.

As the new assistant principal, Mr. Smith will be responsible for overseeing the academic progress, social-emotional development, and overall well-being of 6th grade students. He will work closely with students, teachers, and families to foster a positive learning environment that promotes growth and achievement.

The move of 6th grade to Knox County Middle is part of expanding the experiences, opportunities, and support system for the district’s rising middle school students. The school district recognizes the importance of providing targeted guidance and support to ensure a successful transition into middle school life. It aligns all the district’s 6th grade students to middle school, which has already been in place at Lynn Camp.

Principal Fred Hoskins expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition to the school’s leadership team, stating, “Mr. Smith has proven himself at Dewitt at being a great leader, establishing a positive culture between students, families, and staff. We welcome him to the KCMS team.”

Knox County Middle introduced Mr. Smith on its Facebook page. An excerpt from that introduction is shown below. Announcements of teachers in various content areas were also made by the school. Like and follow the KCMS Facebook page at




Throughout my 21 years in education, the majority of my teaching career has been in 6th grade.  I began my career at Girdler Elementary, where I taught middle grades math.  In 2015, I moved to Central Elementary, where I continued to teach 6th grade math before accepting my current position,  I have just completed my second year as principal at Dewitt Elementary.


I am a product of Knox County Schools.  After graduating from Knox Central, I attended Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky.  I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Middle School Education, as well as Master degrees in Special Education, Supervisor of Instruction, and Principalship.


Congratulations on completing elementary school and embarking on an exciting new chapter in your educational journey—middle school! I want to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you as you step into this new chapter of your lives.

Middle school is a time of growth, discovery, and exploration. It is a place where you will encounter new challenges, forge new friendships, and develop skills that will shape your future. While this transition may bring a mix of emotions, including excitement, curiosity, and even nervousness, please know that our dedicated staff is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

To our 6th graders, remember that each day is a new opportunity for growth and discovery. Embrace the challenges that come your way, believe in yourself, and never be afraid to ask for help. Your middle school experience will be what you make of it, and I have no doubt that each of you has the potential to achieve greatness.

We are excited to welcome you to Knox County Middle School and look forward to witnessing your growth, accomplishments, and incredible journeys over the coming years. Together, let us make middle school an unforgettable chapter of your lives.


As we finish the end of the school year, I wanted to take a moment to address an important milestone in your child’s education—the transition to middle school. Moving our 6th grade students from elementary school to middle school is an exciting and significant step in their educational journey, and I want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your child.

I understand that this new transition can bring a mix of emotions for both students and parents alike. It is natural to feel a combination of excitement, nervousness, and even a hint of apprehension as your child ventures into this new phase. Rest assured that our dedicated staff and faculty are here to provide the support, guidance, and resources needed to help your child thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Middle school presents new opportunities for personal growth, expanded academic challenges, and the development of independence. Your child will have access to a broad range of subjects, extracurricular activities, and clubs, allowing them to explore their interests and talents.

I want to assure you that we are committed to making your child’s transition to KCMS a positive and successful experience. We are here to support them every step of the way and look forward to partnering with you in their educational journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.


  • My wife, Brittany, is a special education teacher at KCMS, and my son, Jack, will be starting KCHS as a freshman in the fall.
  • Our favorite thing to do as a family is travel. We are working towards visiting all 50 states.  Only 6 more to go!