An Inside Look: The 6th Grade at Knox County Middle School

Lockers line the upstairs hallway of Knox County Middle School’s new gymnasium as the district prepares to welcome sixth grade students to the campus this August.  Coming from each of the feeder elementary schools, the sixth grade students will make the new gym their home as the building will house all their classes.
Students will be divided into blue and gold teams, each with its own academic core teachers. The classrooms are grouped together by team, which will allow easier transition through the building.  The students will also have a separate lunch and wellness break time from the seventh and eighth grade students.
A Sample Student Schedule
1st Period – Panther Time
2nd Period – Language Arts
3rd Period – Mathematics / Lunch / Wellness
4th Period – Computer Science or Health/PE
5th Period – Social Studies
6th Period – Science
Teachers have been busy preparing their rooms to include everything from book nooks for reading to science labs.  The rooms include all new furniture.