An annual tradition: Lynn Camp Beta wins top spots at state

Lynn Camp’s Beta Club is continuing its tradition of student and team success at the Kentucky convention.  It was held in Lexington January 15-17.  The state theme for the year was, “The Power of Beta”, and by the list of award winners, Beta is powerful at Lynn Camp.

“We are so proud of our Betas,” said co-sponsor Brooke Williamson.

“Not only are they excellent students and community service volunteers, but they also spend countless hours preparing to compete at the state Beta Convention.

“Their hard work and dedication have paid off. We are so excited to showcase them at Nationals again this year!”

Williamson is joined by Heidi Suttle and Corri Ramey as sponsors of Beta at Lynn Camp

Lynn Camp earned 10 awards and 12 out of the 23 students who attended now qualify for the National convention being held in Louisville this summer.

  • 12th Grade Language Arts Champion: TJ Mills
  • 11th Grade Language Arts Champion: Alyssa Jones
  • 11th Grade OmniScience 4th Place: Josh Mills
  • 11th Grade Social Studies 4th Place: Ariana Pennington
  • 10th Grade Biomedical 4th Place: Alexis Girtley
  • 9th Grade Language Arts 3rd Place: Lauren Partin
  • Division II Poetry 4th Place: Alyssa Jones
  • Freshmen Problem Solving 2nd Place: Lauren Partin, Katie Mills, and Carlee Goble
  • Two Dimensional Design 5th Place: Cambree Prewitt and Charity Steele
  • Character Performance 3rd Place: TJ Mills, Arabella Pennington, Nate Saylor, Ariana Pennington, Cambree Prewitt, and Lauren Partin.

Arabella Pennington was chosen to lead all the Beta members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the opening session.

Photos from top left: Character Performance team, Freshman Problem Solving, Josh Mills, Lauren Partin, TJ Mills, Two Dimensional Design Team, students prepared for their Character Performance, Alexis Girtley, Alyssa Jones, Arabella Pennington, and Arianta Pennington.