All the Buzz! Academic League celebrates 2022 season

Students are all smiles as the top three teams hold trophies during the awards presentation.

It is a fast paced after school competition that leads students to buzz in with answers to various trivia and facts.

The Knox County Academic League celebrated the accomplishments of its 2022 season on Thursday, January 5 at Conway Boatman Chapel. Jennifer Carey, league coordinator and the school district’s gifted and talented coordinated, praised students, coaches, and parents for their involvement in the league this year. Students gave their coach and parents a round of applause before receiving their own applause when the winners were announced.

Students compete in three different levels, rookies, junior varsity, or varsity depending on their grade level. For 2022, the following teams took top honors overall for their performance:

1st Place- GR Hampton Elementary
2nd Place- Flat Lick Elementary
3rd Place- Lay Elementary

Junior Varsity
1st Place- Girdler Elementary
1st Place- GR Hampton Elementary
2nd Place- Central Elementary
2nd Place- Lay Elementary

1st Place- Lynn Camp Elementary
2nd Place- GR Hampton Elementary
2nd Place- Lay Elementary
2nd Place- Girdler Elementary

Students who earned the most valuable player (MVP) award for their team were:

Central- Zayden Mills
Flat Lick-Evan Hammons
Girdler-Allison Davisson
Hampton- Easton Stovall
Lay-Camden Priest
Lynn Camp- Elena Alcom

Junior Varsity
Central- Kaiden Stamper
Flat Lick-Brayden Brown
Girdler- Adrian Arnold
Hampton-Kolton King
Lay- Kanyon Shelton
Lynn Camp- Noah Edwards

Central- Drake Cobb
Flat Lick – Thomas Chadwell
Girdler- Gabbryelle Pilarski
Hampton-Kaden Smith
Lay- Ben Hembree
Lynn Camp- Jamison Jones

The overall most valuable players for each level of the league were:

1st Place- Evan Hammons-Flat Lick Elementary
2nd Place- Easton Stovall -GR Hampton Elementary
3rd Place- Allison Davisson – Girdler Elementary

Junior Varsity
1st Place- Adrian Arnold –Girdler Elementary
2nd Place- Kaiden Stamper – Central Elementary
3rd Place- Kolton King – GR Hampton Elementary

1st Place- Ben Hembree- Lay Elementary
2nd Place- Kaden Smith – GR Hampton Elementary
3rd Place- Gabbryelle Pilarski – Girdler Elementary
3rd Place- Jamison Jones- Lynn Camp Elementary