Community forums postponed to gather additional feedback

The Knox County Board of Education is postponing three community forums originally set for this week in order to collect additional feedback from stakeholders.

The forums were part of a continued focus on career readiness, with discussions set to be centered on the need for a new Career and Technology Center.

“We are hearing very positive responses from one to one discussions that we are having, but feel that we need to collect more feedback before conducting the forums,” said Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles.

Part of that feedback will be the in the form of an online survey that will be released the week of March 27.   The survey will be focused on work ethic skills and technical job skills that community members feel is strongly needed in the region.

“We want to be well informed of what our needs are before conducting the community forums, which will allow us to use that time to develop an action plan on moving forward,” said Sprinkles.

The survey will be available on the school district website at
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The future of career preparation and readiness is the topic of conversation set for community forums to be held this month across the district.

The Board of Education and Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles are inviting all stakeholder (students, families, business owners, staff, and community members) to join them for a discussion on the need for a new Career and Technology Center and additional career preparation programs within the school district.

The forums will be two-way in nature, with public input on the need for change being the key next steps towards a new Center and preparation programs of the future.

The forums will be held at different locations in Knox County to allow all stakeholders the opportunity to participate.   Dates and times are set for:

Monday, March 27
6pm at Knox County Area Technology Center

Tuesday, March 28
6pm at Flat Lick Elementary School

Thursday, March 30
6pm at Lynn Camp Elementary School