Volunteers needed for Proud Panther Partners group

The Knox County Proud Panther Partners (KCP3) are looking for volunteers for spring activities.

On Friday, March 29, the group is planning on hosting the first annual KC Idol.   This will be a county wide talent show at Knox Central High School.  Volunteers are needed for all parts of the competition leading up to and on the actual day.

KCP3 is for all Knox County supporters, not just parents of students enrolled at Knox Central.   KCP3 seeks assistance in planning fundraisers, organizing student celebrations, and serving as resource for career fairs and other classroom activities where parent and community involvement are needed. 

The group’s next meeting is scheduled for February 5, 6pm, at Knox Central.  KCP3 meets on the first Monday of each month. 

Individuals interested in receiving text messages concerning KCP3 can text the following code: @knoxc to number: (424)835-7375. This is a Remind 101 number where the group can text reminders, messages, etc. about upcoming events and meetings.