Visual Arts at KCMS are a Class Act

Students in Ms. Mayla McKeehan’s class at Knox County Middle School are expressing their creativity and peformance skills through the visual arts.

In McKeehan’s sixth period Play Production enrichment course, students are learning the process of play production from script selection through rehearsals to performance. Below is a video clip of scene work for a video performance.

Shown in the video are students Brittany Wilson, Rebecca Davis, Tabitha Elliot, Amber Leddington, and Abigail Hickey.

The Drama Club, which meets every Thursday after school, recently performed improvisations for their families during open house held on Thursday, February 9. Audience members were served snacks as they watched the students perform. Nearly a dozen parents and siblings were present for the performances.
Below is a video clip from their performance.

Students who are interested in joining the Drama Club at Knox County Middle School may contact Ms. McKeehan. The group meets every Thursday from 3pm-4pm in the drama room.