Students demonstrate Newton’s Law with Balloon Car Race

On January 25, 2012 Beth Hopper’s seventh grade students at Knox County Middle School made balloon powered race cars using nine inch balloons, a pen barrel or straw, and various other materials to construct the racer.

Students held a competition to see which race car would go the furthest, the fastest, looks the best, and the most creative.

Students did this activity to learn about Newton’s three laws and how to use the speed formula.

Mrs. Hopper said that she enjoys doing these activities because “their able to take and abstract thought to demonstrate their understanding and relate it to real life. It’s a fun activity that helps them connect it so they remember it.”

Students enjoyed participating in the activities, student Tanner Wells said “It was a very fun learning experience.”

Student Carrie Bargo said that “it was fun and everyone enjoyed it.”

When asked about what they have learned from the activity they said “we learned about all of Newton’s laws when the air of the balloon forces back it forces the car forward.”

Mrs. Hopper said that the students will soon be participating in a similar activity in which they will construct a balloon powered tram style vehicle that will travel on a rope in order to teach students more about the laws and forces of motion in the universe.

Photos available in the KCPS Photo Gallery.
Public relations co-op student Jake Pope contributed to this report.