Students conquer ‘Mind Challenge’ to change the future

What if you could travel through time to find solutions to problems facing the world today?  That was the challenge posed to students at Lynn Camp Middle School as they prepared for the annual Mind Challenge competition.

Lynn Camp was one of 264 teams invited to the event that was held at The Arts Center in Lexington on January 3rd.  The team won overall and their age division, 10-13.

For their presentation, the team decided to find the cure for cancer through time travel and bring it back to a child who was dying from the disease.  The team, using Lego blocks to create the scenario, presented before judges and created a comic book that illustrated their solution.

“The future looks bright for this team,” said Robin Burr, sponsor of the team.

Members include Abigail Sharp, Lori Mullins, Bethany Smith, Ashton Gregory, Cody Hendrix, Saxon Crawford, and Emileigh Sasser.