Students advance in Governor’s Cup competition

Knox County high school students have advanced to regional Governor’s Cup after placing the district competition held at Knox Central on Saturday, January 28.

A-Team Win

Knox Central’s team ranked first in the final standings with 51.5 points earned.

Lynn Camp was the recipient of the Hume Sportsmanship Award.

The Future Problem Solving Team from Knox Central placed first in their event. The school’s Quick Recall Team placed second.

Other winners from Knox County include:

  • Mathematics Assessment
    Knox Central: Logan Disney, 2nd; Jake Pope, 5th
  • Science Assessment
    Knox Central: Tyler Smith, 1st; Guill Jackson, 2nd
    Lynn Camp: Jenny Hammons, 5th
  • Composition
    Knox Central: Kimber Gray, 1st; Devon Hurley, 2nd; Paige Cobb, 5th
    Lynn Camp: Emily Bowman, 3rd
  • Social Studies Assessment
    Knox Central: T.J. Melton, 2nd; Austin Sprinkles, 3rd
    Lynn Camp: Amanda Bowman, 4th
  • Language Arts Assessment
    Knox Central: Kimber Gray, 5th
    Lynn Camp: Fred Slusher, 2nd; Emily Bowman, 3rd
  • Arts and Humanities Assessment
    Knox Central: Hunter Owens, 2nd; Sarah Miles, 4th; Zachary Mitchell, 5th

Regional competition will be held on February 18 at Middlesboro High School.