Student Ambassador Program being implemented at Knox Central

One of the most difficult transitions students face during their education is the move from middle school to high school. Rigorous coursework, a new learning environment, class schedules different than those of their close peers, and the “unknown” are typical fears experienced by incoming ninth grade students.

Knox Central High School is looking to aid in the efficient transition of eighth grade students and build student leadership by implementing a student ambassador program this school year.

IMG 0892

Students are shown signing up for the ambassador program during lunch at Knox Central.

Gear Up, the district’s college awareness and preparation program, is seeking interested sophomores and seniors to serve as student ambassadors for eighth grade students at Knox County Middle.

“We are looking for students of great character and maturity who represent a diverse population of our student body,” said Tonya Allen, Gear Up academic coach.

“When the sign-up date closes, we will take the list of interested students and send it out for approval among the high school staff who knows these students best.”

Once the ambassadors are selected, their high school academic and extracurricular profiles will be posted in the hallways at Knox County Middle School. Eighth grade students will then “shop” for the ambassador with similar interests.

After matches have been made, Gear Up will begin scheduling trips to bring the middle school students to Knox Central to meet their ambassador.

“We will be bringing the students to the high school campus at least three times per year with sessions consisting of personal tours, lunch, and even attending class together,” said Allen.

“In some cases, the pairs will go on college visits together.”

In addition to helping ease the fears of middle school students, Allen sees this new program as a way to build student leaders at the high school.

“We hope to instill core leadership values in our mentors, which in turn creates valuable community members down the road,” said Allen.

The selection process is currently underway and the ambassadors will soon undergo mentor training. Students interested in serving as an ambassador should contact Tonya Allen at Knox Central.