Science Olympiad teams win top honors

Knox County’s Science Olympiad teams won top honors at the regional tournament held on March 22 at Somerset Community College.

Knox Central’s Team A won 1st out of 14 teams beating out schools such as Dunbar H.S. and Central Hardin H.S. This is the 2nd consecutive year they have won the Regional tournament.  Knox Central’s Team B qualified for the state tournament but did not place in the top 3.

Team members from Lynn Camp placed third in two individual competitive events.

The state tournament will be held at Western Kentucky University on April 12th.

Knox Central High School Team A

Anatomy – 3rd Logan Disney & Laura Jackson
Astronomy – 1st Logan Disney & Laura Jackson
Bungee Drop – 3rd Jacob Bargo & Briana Mollett
Circuit Lab – 2nd Lee Frazier & Niven Achenjang
Genetics – 1st Logan Disney & Laura Jackson
Disease Detective – 3rd Devon Hurley & Rachael Hudson
Dynamic Planet – 2nd T.J. Melton & Mollie Pope
Elastic Glider – 1st Jacob Bargo & Briana Mollett
Experimental Design -2nd  Sarah Miles, Devon Hurley, & Jaykob Hubbard
Geologic Mapping – 3rd Mollie Pope & Chris Gibson
MagLev – 1st Chase Hubbard & Lee Frazier

Mission Possible – 1st Chase Hubbard & T.J. Melton
Rocks & Minerals – 3rd Mollie Pope & Chris Gibson
Technical Problem Solving – 2nd Laura Jackson & Jaykob Hubbard
Write it Do it – Jacob Bargo & Rachael Hudson

Knox Central High School Team B
Bungee Drop – 1st Nick Gibson & Leslie Smith
Elastic Glider – 3rd Nick Gibson & Leslie Smith
Experimental Design – Carrie Bargo, Addison Osborne, & Markelle Smith
Mission Possible – Leslie Smith & Nick Gibson

Lynn Camp Team
Dynamic Planet – 3rd Emily Garlen & Paige Freeman
Meteorology – 3rd Emily Garlen & Jessica Miracle