Robot time in Knox County

It is once again Robot time in Knox County!

This year instead of Mars Rover, Project Lead the Way has upgraded to a new design with VEX IQ.  Our elementary students have been equipped with a VEX IQ kit to meet the challenge of creating this new design. Dewitt, Flat Lick, Girdler and Lynn Camp have stepped up and accepted this engaging, STEM learning enrichment for their gifted students. Students and teachers have jumped right in and snapped this robot together using the intuitive, tool less system.  Our teams have learned valuable lessons and skills needed in today’s changing world!

Saturday, April 25th, these 4 Knox Elementary schools went onto the campus of the University of Kentucky to compete in the states 1st Vex IQ challenge. These students built a robot using the VEX IQ robotics platform to solve an engineering challenge that is presented in the form of a game. VEX IQ Challenge teams worked together scoring points in Teamwork Matches, and also display their robot’s skills individually in driver controlled and autonomous Skills Challenges.

In addition to building robots, the VEX IQ Challenge encouraged students to actively learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics within a STEM based interview process. This process was about the engagement of content learned throughout the performance task.  The interview students went through was conducted by engineers from Lockheed and Martin.  Lockheed and Martin is a global security, aerospace, and information Technology Company, the majority of Lockheed Martin’s business is with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. federal government agencies. In fact, Lockheed Martin is the largest provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the U.S. Government. The remaining portion of Lockheed Martin’s business is comprised of international government and some commercial sales of our products, services and platforms.  Engineers from this firm not only conducted the interview but volunteered their time to spending the day at UK mingling, helping, engaging and advising with our students.

Girdler Elementary placed 1st in the Teamwork Vex IQ Challenge

Pictured Left to Right – Logan Callihan, Logan Lambo, Drew Hale, and Coach Melody Lambo


Lynn Camp Elementary Place 1st in the Interview Vex IQ Challenge and 6th in the Teamwork Vex IQ Challenge

Pictured Left to Right – Coach Christina Huddleston, Bryson Riffe, Paige Sharp, Samuel Cox, Breanna Jones and Bradley Huddleston

Lynn Camp

Flat Lick Elementary placed 4th in the Teamwork Vex IQ Challenge

Pictured Left to Right – Christien Stanley, Coach Megan Senters, Devin Brown, Cory Partin

Flat LickDewitt Elementary placed 10th in the Teamwork Vex IQ Challenge

Pictured Left to Right – Conor Marion, Levi Mills, Jacob Hensley, Bradley Lawson

Not Pictured – Coach Linda Mills