Robinson leaders selected in Knox

The next four years will be very demanding for two Knox County students as they work towards becoming Robinson Scholars at the University of Kentucky.

Carrie Bargo and Courtney King, freshmen at Knox Central, were selected among students statewide to become leaders in the prestigious Robinson program.  The selection requirements included being first-generation college, enrolled in pre-college curriculum, demonstrated academic achievements, participation in community service, extracurricular activities and personal enrichment.

Being selected is only the beginning. Bargo and King will be required throughout their high school careers to attend intensive college prep and ACT workshops. Failure to attend these required activities means dismissal from the program. “These young ladies have signed on to a demanding four years,” says the girls’ GEAR UP academic specialist, Tonya Allen. Berea’s i3 grant-funded AP coordinator Cathy Sue Smith will also help in ensuring Bargo and King continue delving into the pre-college curriculum. “I am extremely proud of these two girls for being chosen for the program. I look forward to working with each of them in AP courses and mentoring them as they enter college,” said Smith.

During their senior year, Bargo and King will be eligible to apply for various UK scholarships available only to Robinson Leaders who successfully complete the program.

Carrie Bargo and Courtney King have been selected as Robinson Leaders. During their senior year they will be eligible for various scholarships and opportunities at the University of Kentucky.