‘Roaring Wildcats’ learn about the 1920’s

Eleventh grade US History students at Lynn Camp recently had the opportunity to have some fun and apply what they learned about the Roaring ‘20s.

“Many individuals believe that history is merely a collection of dates and boring facts, when in reality it is so much more than that”, explained history teacher Christina Trosper.

Trosper shared that she often tries to design lessons and assessments that allow students to make cultural connections with various time periods, but that the Roaring ‘20s seems to be the most fascinating to the students.

“The cultural aspects of history are what fascinate the students the most,” said Trosper.

In keeping with cultural fascination, the students were given the opportunity to discover what young people of the 1920s enjoyed. Students dressed in period attire, developed conversations utilizing popular 1920s slang, created dioramas and learned popular dances, like the Charleston.

“I was extremely pleased with how many students went above and beyond what was expected of them.”


James Helton, a student and a member of the Knox County Robotics Team, chose to create a Speak Easy.  Helton was able to use many of the techniques learned through the school’s Technology Education Program to design motorized components for his Speak Easy.

Herman Brown was Helton’s partner on the project and demonstrated how they installed battery operated motors for the interior lights and a fully functioning ceiling fan.  There were several other students who also constructed impressive original dioramas.

Overall the students seemed really pleased with the projects and were proud of the product of their hard work and dedication.

Trosper boasts that she is very proud of her students and she has plans for similar projects in the near future.