Retiring ‘Old Glory’

The stars and stripes are flying high and shining brighter at Lynn Camp following a ceremony held on Thursday, April 11.

Cadets of the Wildcat Detachment of the Panther Battalion participated in their first flag retirement ceremony during an afternoon assembly on the front campus at the middle/high school.

JROTC members Herman Brown, Josh Miller, and Brianna Smith conducted the actual retirement ceremony by lowering the old flag, folding it, and attaching and raising the new flag.    Prior to the lowering of the old flag, cadets of the Lynn Camp JROTC recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

The new flag was donated by State Representative Jim Stewart.   Chance Hendrickson, Gear Up Specialist at Lynn Camp, made the request of Stewart after a recent school trip to Frankfort.   

To conclude the ceremony, Lynn Camp Principal Amy Bays performed the National Anthem while cadets stood at attention saluting the new flag.

SFC Tony Parsons, one of three JROTC instructors for Knox Central and Lynn Camp, reminded cadets of what an honor it is to conduct a flag retirement.   Parsons stated that in his twenty-plus years he had not been part of such a ceremony.

The school plans to seek support for a new Kentucky state flag in the near future.