New recognition program to honor KY Tech students

The Kentucky Tech campus in Knox County has initiated a new student recognition program. Each trimester the instructors will select one student from their program to be named “Most Outstanding Student”.  Each student selected will then be eligible to receive the “Most Outstanding Student of the Year” award at his or her respective Honor’s Banquet.

Ky Tech Principal, Ralph Halcomb, had this to say about the students. “While at the ATC these students have been excellent role models of what a successful student should be. There work ethic is outstanding and they each have a desire to become better at what they do.”

Tyler Crawford, KC student - Enrolled in Carpentry, Cleo Goodlett, instructor
Derek Golden, KC student - Enrolled in Electricity, Garrett Hinkle, instructor
Marvin Mills, LC student - Enrolled in Automotive, Alvin Gambrel, instructor
Hank Melton, CAD Instructor; Kevin Phillips, KC
Kevin Phillips, KC student - Enrolled in CAD, Hank Melton, instructor
Kameron Jones, BHS student - Enrolled in Office Tech, Debra Brock, instructor
Devin Brown, KC student - Enrolled in Info. Tech, Scott Payne, instructor
Eleisa Hensley, BHS student - Enrolled in Health Science, Lorri Smith, instructor
Nathan Vaughn, KC student - Enrolled in Welding, Monty Bingham, instructor