Monopoly “Board-walk” to be held at Lynn Camp

Lynn Camp’s design and engineering students are giving a whole new meaning to “board-walk” as they prepare to play on the world’s largest Monopoly board.

The students have engineered a 2537.64 sq. ft. Monopoly board, breaking the recorded Guinness world record size of 2335.445 sq. ft.

a complete board

“This size puts our board at a scale factor of 29.538 to 1,” said Arthur Canada, technology education teacher at the school.

“Our students designed and fabricated the board, pieces, and templates,” said Canada. “The art program painted and made all of the vinyl decals to finish it out.”

Canada says that the majority of the design and engineering was completed by a group of seven seniors enrolled in his class. Production consisted of twenty five others.

The near life-size board and game pieces were the center piece for the school’s prom held on April 28.

Students plan on playing a game on the board on Monday, May 14, at 1pm. There will be six teams, one for each grade level at the middle/high school. Each grade level will be represented by a token on the game board with students serving as team captains, property managers, house/hotel managers, finance directors, token movers, and dice rollers. Canada will serve as the “Monoplogy referee” for the game and Selina Deaton, marketing teacher, will manage the bank along with banking students.

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