Lynn Camp to honor past alumni and inspire future with new Wall of Fame

The names of successful Lynn Camp alumni will soon line the halls of the middle/high school building as a way of honoring past students and inspiring the present.

“We live in a world where successful people often reminisce about their favorite teachers and their schools, but schools do very little to remember each student and celebrate their success, despite the countless hours and years that staff puts in hoping that each student will leave us college and career ready,” said principal Amy Bays.

The wall of fame will list the name of the alumni, their graduation year, and their career.

“The idea of the Lynn Camp Wall of Fame brought about by a few of our teachers is a way that we can begin to reminisce about and celebrate the adults our students have become,” said Bays.

Christina Frederick-Trosper, one of the teachers behind the idea, is already planning for the next phase of the wall of fame.

“We would also like to expand this concept to include a “Ring of Honor”,” said Frederick-Trosper. “The plan is to have a committee of teachers, parents and other community members that would accept nominations from the community and elect three alumni members to the Ring of Honor.”

Plans for the Ring of Honor induction would include a lavish public ceremony and recognition of the alumni for their accomplishments.

“We are still in the development stages of this and the original idea is evolving everyday”, said Frederick-Trosper.

The school is currently seeking the names of successful alumni for the wall of fame. They have established a Facebook page to better acquire the information and share progress of the project.

Names may also be submitted by email to Sean Kelly, Lynn Camp College Coach at or to