Lynn Camp students tackle the “whatif” monster

Lynn Camp Elementary students recently tackled their “whatif” fears during the Wildcat Enrichment after school program.

The group discussion followed reading the book “Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster” during the program’s language arts component.  The book features Jonathan, a child who has fears of worry and doubt that fill his mind.

“My students really connected with this little boy,” shared Elizabeth Maguet, site supervisor and coordinator for the program.  “We went around the room and talked about some of the “whatif’s” that they face.”

Maguet said that students shared fears and doubts such as what if I don’t make the basketball team and what if I fall and kids laugh.

Maguet shared with book author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt the positive response that she had reading the book to the students.  Schmidt replied to Maguet and requested photos of the students reading the book and working on activities that were designed to connect and extend the lesson.

One of the projects completed by students was drawing a picture of their own personal “whatif” monster.   After creating their artwork, Maguet discussed with students how to face fears while also taking risks to tackle the “whatifs” of life that keep us from trying new things.   Each student received a copy of  the book and a stuffed “whatif” monster.

The “whatif” monster lesson is one of many taught by Maguet last school year that she feels will be beneficial to the students who participated in the after school program.

“Statistically, the hours between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock are the most dangerous for children; the time that they are most likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol,” said Maguet.  “This program offers enrichment, social opportunities, and a chance for students to discover themselves.”

Students who participated in the program during the 2012-2013 school year were Josh Brandenberg, Earl Bundy, Melora Carnes, Nathan Carnes, Olivia Dozier, Paige Evans, Sydney Evans, Jacob Hendrickson, Ashley Honeycutt, Bethany Jaynes, Emily Martin, Keirstin Phelps, and Hayleigh Puff.

The Wildcat Enrichment program is a grant funded 21st Century Learning Center initiative in partnership with the Corbin Independent Schools.

“I am grateful to be the site supervisor for Lynn Camp,” shared Maguet.  “It truly is a rewarding experience.”

To learn more about “Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster” visit the author’s website at   Additional photos are available in the KCPS Photo Gallery.