Lynn Camp Bowling Team rolls through first season

The Lynn Camp bowling team, coached by Ryan Carnes, is making their way through their first season as a competitive bowling team. While they are the newest bowling team, they are making their names known. With two games left in the season they are completing their season with a record that shows determinations and perseverance.

The final games of season are Monday, January 14 at 6 pm an away game that is located in Somerset at Briar Bowl where Lynn Camp will face Wayne County. The last game of the season is a home match on Sunday, January 20 at 3 pm where they will face Corbin. The home match takes place at Forest Lanes in Corbin, KY. They hope to make it to the regional and state tournaments that begin in January and go through February.

Coach Ryan Carnes said, “We have had about 6 or 7 practices and a few matches now. We have shown a lot of potential and openness to coaching. I am optimistic for success, but we are going to be bowling against teams that have had more experience than us so we will just have to battle through our inexperience since it is our first season.”

There is also great potential on the team for years to come. Carnes said “Currently, we have 20 kids on the team… 11 girls and 9 boys.”

According to Carnes, some of the younger players on the team are showing great ability and may qualify for bowling scholarships by their senior year.

Carnes himself has had great success as a bowler. “I have bowled a long time and have had success at the state and local level multiple times, and once at a national level. I’ve bowled since I was 10 years old.”

Carnes pointed out, “Lynn Camp gauged interest among the students and they approached me after they saw the overwhelming interest.” The bowling team is open to all students and is always looking for new members. Anyone who is interested in being on the team next year is welcome and should contact Ryan Carnes at 606-546-3157, ext. 2405.

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Article by Kelly Allen, Public Relations Intern